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Welcoming millions of tourists every year, Puerto Vallarta is one of Mexico’s top tourist destinations. Like most of the country, Puerto Vallarta enjoys warm temperatures year-round with ample opportunities for outdoor recreation. This guide will help you plan what to pack for Puerto Vallarta to make the most of your trip!

What to wear in Puerto Vallarta? | Clothing for Puerto Vallarta

what to pack for puerto vallarta

The general style of what to wear in Puerto Vallarta is stylish yet casual outfits. The hot, humid climate calls for lightweight, breathable fabrics, and most people wear items like sundresses, tank tops, light tops, etc.

You’ll want to pack t-shirts and plenty of tank tops to stay comfortable walking around in the heat. There will likely be a few nights that you want to dress up and hit the clubs or a fancy restaurant, so be sure to bring a few nice outfits pieces depending on how much you plan to go out, along with a nice pair of sandals.

Bring athletic wear for hiking and outdoor adventures. There are some beautiful hiking trails to check out in Puerto Vallarta make sure to pack a comfortable pair of shorts and tank top to wear outside, along with a suitable pair of shoes. These are also useful to bring if you want to go to the gym or run on the beach!

During the winter season, temperatures can become cooler at night, so you may want to bring a sweater (and for wearing on the plane – they always make it so cold)!

Don’t forget your face mask! You will need to wear a face mask to enter stores and restaurants while in Puerto Vallarta, and many people wear them on the streets.

Tip: Use packing cubes to organize the types of clothes in your suitcase. These are a lifesaver for keeping you sane while packing and saving space since they compress the clothing.

Essential Beach Items

puerto vallarta sunset

Life here is all about the sun and the sea, so you’ll want to pack these items for Puerto Vallarta.

Swimwear. With the pacific ocean right there, there’s no shortage of water-based activities to try out here. Be sure to pack at least two swimsuits to wear at the pool and ocean.

Swim cover-up. A perfect item for any beach destination! After the beach or pool, throw it on over your swimsuit, and you’ll be ready to walk into a restaurant or cafe without having to change.

Rashguard. If you want to check out some of the awesome surf spots around Puerto Vallarta, bring a rash guard as the water can be chilly. These are also excellent at protecting you from the sun!

Beach towel. One of the best things to do in Puerto Vallarta is to spend time on the beautiful beaches, but you’ll want a light beach towel to lay on! This beach towel is a great option as it’s lightweight and folds up compact so that it can be easily tossed into your beach bag.

Sunhat. The sun is strong here so you’ll want something to protect you, plus it makes for adorable photos!

A comfortable pair of flip flops are a must (I love Havianas). These are perfect for taking to the beach as well as walking around town.

Water shoes. If your feet are sensitive, these can be helpful. When accessing the ocean some places you may find rocky beaches along the coast.

Snorkel and mask for exploring the underwater world in Puerto Vallarta. If you’re joining a snorkeling tour, these will be provided to you, but it can be nice to have your own if you want to go snorkeling at the beach.

Sunscreen and after sun. Of course, you can buy sunscreen in Puerto Vallarta, but I found that it was cheaper at home. If you have space, stock up and bring it with you! The sun is powerful here, so you’ll need lots of it to avoid getting sunburnt.

Underwater camera. Puerto Vallarta is home to some fantastic snorkeling and diving spots, so make sure to bring an underwater camera to capture the memories! I use and love GoPro.

UV sunglasses to protect your eyes from the sun.

Beach Bag. Another beach essential, this item will carry everything you need to the beach, plus it comes with a built-in cooler in the bottom, perfect for keeping your drinks cool under the sun!

Waterproof phone case. There are tons of water activities to try in Puerto Vallarta, and this waterproof phone case allows you to bring your phone with you!

A waterproof bag can also be helpful for taking more items than just your phone. These are perfect for day trips out on a yacht or snorkeling adventure. Pick one that’s waterproof, so if it gets splashed in the boat while you’re snorkeling in Puerto Vallarta, it’s not a big deal.

Electronics To Pack for Puerto Vallarta

puerto vallarta packing list

Camera to take home memories (phone cameras are amazing these days, but I always travel with my Sony Aa7ii for capturing wildlife).

Your phone and an extra charger. Did you know that a phone charger is the most commonly forgotten item for travelers? Pack an extra one just in case!

Tip: Download offline maps from Google maps on your phone before leaving so you can still get directions even if you’re offline!

A converter if you’re coming from outside North America. Puerto Vallarta uses the same voltage as Canada and the United States. I love traveling with this converter anyways because it comes with multiple USB slots for charging all your electronics!

Portable phone charger. There’s nothing worse than your phone dying while you’re out! Be sure to take a compact, portable charger for recharging your phone, camera, or any other device you might need. This one is small enough to fit in your purse or backpack comfortably, so you’ll always have it with you when you need it!

Waterproof kindle for beach reading.

A laptop if you’re working remotely in Puerto Vallarta. There are some great co-working spaces and cafes here!

downtown puerto vallarta mexico

Puerto Vallarta Packing List: Miscellaneous Items

Lifestraw water bottle. The tap water in Mexico isn’t safe to drink but instead of using multiple plastic bottles, you can invest in a lifestraw water bottle and you’ll be able to drink tap water safely!

I love traveling with a travel journal to document my trip!


Any medicines you need as well as Advil and medication for stomach issues. Hopefully, you won’t get sick on your trip here, but it can happen so best to be prepared. But if not, Puerto Vallarta is full of pharmacies where you can buy just about anything!

It’s helpful to bring electrolytes as it’s easy to get dehydrated here under the strong sun.

Umbrella and raincoat (if you’re visiting during the rainy season).

Travel Insurance. I never go anywhere without travel insurance! Yes, medical costs are relatively inexpensive in Mexico but being airlifted back to the U.S. is not. I use and love SafetyWing.

Money & Safety

Cash is king in Mexico. They use the Mexican Pesos, and some places accept USD (you can get both from the ATM). Bring some cash with you for a taxi from the airport, but not a lot to avoid it being stolen. There are plenty of places to get money out here!

Extra debit card and credit card. When taking money out of the ATM, make sure to take your card at the end of the transaction. If you don’t, the machine may eat your card. This happened to me at HSBC!

Coin purse. In Mexico, many vendors will only take cash. It can be helpful to have an extra small purse or pouch to store small coins. They sell these everywhere at the markets in Puerto Vallarta, so this can be a great souvenir to pick up if you don’t have one already!

Belt wallet. Puerto Vallarta is a relatively safe destination but this hidden belt wallet can help you avoid petty theft, the most common form of crime here.


When Is The Best Time to Visit Puerto Vallarta?

Puerto Vallarta has two main season. The dry (high season) runs from October to April, which is when you’ll enjoy the nicest weather and popular activities like whale watching.

The weather is great until late spring, when temperatures start to become unpleasantly warm, and rain begins. June is the hottest month, with an average temperature of 81 degrees Fahrenheit (27 degrees Celsius), but the humidity can make it feel much worse. Rain becomes increasingly more intense until October when the dry season starts again.

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Don’t stress too much if you forget to pack something for Puerto Vallarta. It’s a city with stores like Wal-Mart so you’ll be able to get anything you need once you’re here!

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