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Puerto Vallarta has been one of Mexico’s top travel destinations for decades. Situated on the breathtaking coast of the Mexican Pacific in the Bahia de Banderas, it’s a region of idyllic beaches, thick, wild jungles and a rich history intertwined with its local culture, arts and cuisine. While visiting Puerto Vallarta, many take a day trip to San Pancho Mexico to compliment their time.

Although the city is undeniably a paradise and a great place to unwind, there are many other wonderful places to explore in the surrounding areas of the Bahia de Banderas.

While visiting, many like to break up their stay by taking a day trip to some of the towns and beaches which have retained a more traditional way of life and have been less influenced by tourism over recent years.

If you are planning to explore the local area, the quiet, sleepy town of San Pancho Mexico is one of the best kept secrets.

Located just an hour’s drive North of Puerto Vallarta, this unassuming puebla makes the perfect day trip to experience the local small town Mexican vibe. With a thriving eco-conscious and creative community, great restaurants and night-life and beautiful untouched beaches.

How to get from Puerto Vallarta to San Pancho Mexico

San Pancho is located on the Mexican Pacific coast, in the state of Nayarit, along Highway 200. just 1 hour North of Puerto Vallarta. There are a number of options available to get to San Pancho from Puerto Vallarta.

By Car

If you already have access to a vehicle it may be worth your while to drive. The route is simple to follow as you stay on the same highway for the duration of the trip. If you take the highway 200 North, out of Puerto Vallarta, you will pass the towns of Mezcales and Bucerias until the road converges into a 2 lane highway which snakes through the scenic jungle.

It is worth noting that this section can sometimes become congested with traffic stuck behind slow moving heavily-loaded trucks, overtaking can be dangerous on this narrow, winding road so it is important to stay focused and take your time when you’re not familiar with the route.

Upon approaching San Pancho you will see a sign for ‘San Francisco’ – the town’s official name on the map – you will not hear the town referred to this anywhere else! 

By Taxi, Uber or InDriver

Taxis can easily be found in Puerto Vallarta but it is important to discuss and agree upon a price before you depart. Using a taxi rank directly outside the airport or hotels will commonly cost you around 1000-1500 pesos, this can be harder to negotiate as they often have a fixed price within the taxi rank.

Alternatively, hailing a taxi on the street will give you more opportunity to haggle for a cheaper price – sometimes as little as 800 pesos. Knowing a little Spanish here can go a long way.

You can also use ride-sharing apps such as Uber or InDriver (a local ride sharing app in Mexico) to get a drive from Puerto Vallarta to San Pancho. Price depends on demand, but I know people who have gotten rides for as low as 300 pesos.

By Bus

Those who want to get immersed in the local experience can access San Pancho by bus. The local bus service, Compostela, runs approximately every hour to San Pancho but it is also possible to take the bus to the neighbouring town of Sayulita and get a taxi from there, which runs approximately every 20 minutes. The fare is around 50 pesos, which is just over $2, so perfect for the cost conscious traveller!

The route originates at Walmart and Sam’s Club in the large waiting area opposite where you can often find an official in the area who will point you to the right stop. There is also a stop over the foot-bridge from the airport.

You are looking for the retro looking green and white bus’ with ‘compostela’ written along the side with the stops often charmingly hand written on the windscreen – not all compostelas stop at San Pancho, so it’s worth confirming with your driver before boarding. The trip usually takes about 1 hour 30 minutes due to regular stops.

By Guided Tour

If you don’t want to worry about getting there on your own, then you can join this guided tour which takes you visit two of the most popular beach town of Riviera Nayarit. You’ll first head to San Pancho and admire the Huichol crafts by the streets, then keep going to Sayulita to enjoy the beach. Includes pick up at your hotel in Puerto Vallarta!

The Best Things to do in San Pancho

San Pancho has one main street that stretches from the highway (where the bus drops you off) all the way down to the beach. The walk is a great way to get to know the charming puebla. San Pancho is the kind of town that is enjoyable to wander around and soak in it’s unique vibe. But, there are a few things to check off your list on your day-trip.

Chill out on the San Pancho Beach

san pancho beach

San Pancho is well known for its picturesque beach – far quieter and less developed than other better-known beaches in the area. It’s crashing waves and jungle surroundings make it the perfect place to relax and enjoy the Mexican way of life.

The beach is also a popular place to go surfing near Puerto Vallarta, and there are surf board rental shops and lessons readily available on the beach.

There are a number of restaurants on the beach front that can provide sun loungers with shade and delicious Mexican cuisine – not to mention ice cold beer, and generously poured margaritas.

If you are looking for a more private experience. On the very far left-hand side of the beach, there is a small cove lined with protruding rocks and dotted with fishing boats. There are often very few, if any, people there and it is a perfect place to bring a picnic and have a dip in the calmer waters of the bay.

Grab a Bite to Eat at San Pancho Restaurants

San Pancho has a thriving culinary and drinks scene and has a variety of options available. San Pancho restaurants offer everything from the down-to-earth local staples of tacos, tamales and ceviche, sold out of food stands, to high-end modern Mexican cuisine and delicious local craft beers.

If visiting on a Sunday – a traditional Sunday brunch dish of Birria, a slow cooked spicy stew of goat or beef, is served in ‘El Gallo’ from 9am – 3pm. This is worth the trip in itself!

A modern take on Mexican cuisine can be found at ‘Limbo’ a trendy little restaurant by the beach which serves delicious and elegantly presented Mexican dishes and makes a perfect lunch stop.

If you want to try local seafood, ‘San Pancho Marino’ offers a whole cooked fish that the staff often catch the very same morning, in a relaxed surf-themed restaurant.

And, of course, you can’t miss San Pancho’s very own tap room at the ‘Cerveceria Artesenal’ – the friendly staff will make you feel at home and take you through their selection of world-class craft beer. They also do an incredible burger and fries if you’re craving a taste of home.

Visit the Community Centre

The community centre, Entre-Amigos, is the beating heart of San Pancho and is the pillar of the local community that drives eco-conscious activism and supports the creative arts within the town.

It is unlikely you will have time to volunteer at the centre on your day-trip. But, it is worth a look around and having a chat with some of the locals involved. It is a truly inspiring concept.

Explore the Jungle

Enjoy an awe inspiring tour through the unspoilt nature of the Lo de Perla Jungle Garden. There are many tours available from San Pancho where you would meet and travel a short distance to Las Lomas and begin a 3 hour adventure through untouched jungle and an impressive orchidarium. Alternatively, if you travel there yourself you can enter for just 150 pesos.

If you are a more independent explorer, there is a manageable hike to a waterfall located in San Pancho,  just past the highway and some local ranches and into the jungle. Any local will happily direct you to the start of the route. 

Finish The Day With a Stunning Sunset

San Pancho is infamous for its incredible sunsets. It’s a time for locals to gather together on the beach and watch the beauty unfold. It’s a perfect way to end the day – take a seat on the water’s edge, buy a snack from a local beach vendor and listen to the waves crash as the sky lights up in a dance of blues, pinks and oranges. 

San Pancho is an unforgettably special place, with a thriving, welcoming community of locals and tourists living in harmony. A perfect place to absorb the natural beauty of Mexico and the relaxed care-free atmosphere that San Pancho has to offer.

Where to Stay in San Pancho Mexico

You’ll likely end up falling in love with San Pancho and want to spend more then just the day, and luckily there are a ton of amazing places to stay in San Pancho if you want to spend a night or two!

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