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Wondering where to find the best breakfast in Puerto Vallarta? We’ve got you covered with this detailed guide.

Don’t worry if you’re not exactly an early bird – who is when they’re on vacation at the beach in Mexico anyways? These Puerto Vallarta breakfast restaurants work as brunch options as well.

Get your day started by checking out one of the many excellent breakfast places in Puerto Vallarta.

Most of these are located in Zona Romantica, but I made sure to give you some options in other parts of town as well.

Best Breakfast in Puerto Vallarta

Best Breakfast Zona Romantica Puerto Vallarta

Let’s start in the Romantic Zone, where a good breakfast and a strong cup of coffee are essential after a big night on the town.

I’ve done plenty of research over the years, both with and without a crudo, to bring you this list:

Fredy’s Tucan: I’m not much of a brunch guy, but if I’m going out to eat before two, chances are it’s here. It’s easily one of the top breakfast restaurants in Puerto Vallarta.

This place has an extensive menu with just about anything you could ever want. They have great omelets and chilaquiles, or “breakfast nachos” as I like to call them. Best of all, there’s a full bar in case you feel like a mimosa or Bloody Mary.

Fredy's Tucan food in Puerto Vallarta
Chilaquiles at Fredy’s

The Pancake House: One of the originals in the PV breakfast scene, this place has been around for 36 years. You’ll probably have to wait in line for a bit to get a table – especially on the weekend – but it’s worth it.

Don’t let the name fool you, as this is no generic IHOP-style place. They are known for pancakes and waffles, with dozens of options for each. There’s a lot more going on here, too, with Mexican specialties and some light & fruity choices as well.

Mi Cafe: While it’s a little tucked away from the action, it’s worth the short walk to grab breakfast here. Their Mi Cafe Breakfast will help fuel you through a day of hanging out on Los Muertos Beach.

In addition to their classic American options, they’ve also got some local flare with items like enfrijoladas (tortillas drenched in pureed black beans) and machaca (dried beef) with eggs.

La Palapa: If you’d rather go ahead and have breakfast or brunch in Puerto Vallarta on the beach, this is your best bet in Old Town. It’s not exactly cheap, but it’s worth every peso to dine with your toes in the sand.

One of the stars of the menu here is the local blue crab eggs benedict with chipotle and hash browns. There are also lighter options like a berry bowl or egg white omelet.

A Page In The Sun Cafe puerto vallarta mexico
A Page In The Sun Cafe

A Page in the Sun: Looking for a strong cup of coffee, a fluffy pastry, and a good book? Look no further! That’s exactly what you’ll find at this homey cafe/restaurant near the tile park.

There’s a lot more on the menu, including fresh juices, smoothies, and all-day breakfast options. This is one of those places where you go in for breakfast and end up lingering for a few hours. It’s also an excellent cafe for coworking!

El Sofa: One of my favorite places for breakfast in Puerto Vallarta is this cozy restaurant. It feels like hanging out in a friend’s living room, complete with a cute little dog.

dog at el sofa puerto vallarta
The friendly staff at El Sofa

In addition to the friendly vibe, I love the fact that they have bagels and Vietnamese coffee at El Sofa. In fact, I really wish I was writing this post there so I could order them right now.

Where to get breakfast in 5 di Diciembre

If you’re not staying down in the Romantic Zone, never fear – there are several other great choices for breakfast in Puerto Vallarta. Here are some options in 5 de diciembre.

The Green Place: It can be tough to be a vegan when going out for breakfast, but not in PV! This spot has you covered with vegan and gluten-free options, even for things like French toast and breakfast tacos.

Vegan food Puerto Vallarta
The Green Place is a great place for a healthy breakfast. Image by Sasha Savinov

Previously, the restaurant only did breakfast for guests of the hotel it’s attached to. It’s now open to the public, so grab a table and enjoy! This is another cafe that’s great for coworking, so you’ll find many digital nomads here.

Calmate Cafe: This Cinco di Diciembre cafe opened up towards the end of our time living up the street, and I only wish it had been there sooner. It’s a fantastic addition to the neighborhood, known for its healthy options and super friendly staff.

Calmate Cafe puerto vallarta mexico
Calmate Cafe

Calmate is a solid choice if you’re not quite sure whether you want breakfast or lunch. You can even do both in one sitting! I highly recommend their blended coffee drink with bananas and chocolate. It’s to die for.

Meño’s Place: Right across the street, you can get breakfast on a rooftop terrace with a (now partial) ocean view. The giant condo across the street blocks most of it now, but the food and service still make this a worthy stop.

They have some delicious cafe de olla and big portions for all breakfast items. Either come hungry or plan to share something. Even then, you might end up with leftovers.

Where to get breakfast in Versalles

Natureza: For those in the Versalles neighborhood, it’s hard to top this place. Coffee and tea lovers in particular will enjoy Natureza, as they have many options for both.

I love ordering one of their fancy coffees (or just a whole Chemex) and one of the many versions of chilaquiles they’re cooking up here. It’s a great place to meet with friends and linger for a while. They also have a coworking space upstairs and will bring coffee straight to you!

PV Co Working Spaces
Natureza Co-working and Cafe | Photo by Sasha Savinov

Cha’ I (Lora) have been trying to eat at this Puerto Vallarta brunch place for ages, but there’s always a line out the door! On my last visit to PV, we decided to wait the 20 minutes or so, and it was absolutely worth it.

Their dishes are beautifully plated, and the food tastes as good as it looks. It’s a good option for vegetarians too, with many options. Cha is easily one of the best brunch options in Puerto Vallarta – just don’t come too hangry as you may have to wait for a table.

Miscelanea Vallarta is another one of my favorite places to work in the morning and get breakfast.

They have a veggie-friendy menu, as well as healthy smoothies and a variety of cafes. Their detox ginger shot has saved me many times after a big weekend! They are open until 3 pm, so it’s a great place to get brunch in Puerto Vallarta.

Miscelanea Puerto Vallarta
Miscelanea Puerto Vallarta

Further up in the Marina, you’ll find Mr. Cream Pancake & Waffles: which is widely known as the best breakfast in Puerto Vallarta Marina. You may want to study up on the menu in advance, as it’s pretty huge.

As you might expect, pancakes and waffles are the things to order here. If you’re like me and not really into either, you’ve still got many options to choose from. Plus, this is just a scenic place to grab breakfast or brunch and enjoy the views.

Sheraton Puerto Vallarta Sunday Brunch

Sunday Brunch at the SHeraton

I can’t have an article about the best brunch places in Puerto Vallarta without mentioning the Sunday brunch at the Sheraton Buganvilias.

While the Sheraton is an all-inclusive resort and not normally open to the public, it is on Sundays for brunch.

Going for brunch here is quite the affair and best done with a group of friends. The price is 540 pesos for nonresidents (26 USD) and includes a gigantic breakfast buffet with just about everything you could imagine, including a taco truck, sushi bar, a smoothie and juice bar, ribs, BBQ, and much, much, more.

Sheraton Pools
Sheraton Pools

But the best part about Sunday brunch at the Sheraton in Puerto Vallarta is the bottomless mimosas.

The waiters come around to top off your cup about every two minutes, so you’ll be feeling tipsy quickly. There’s also a 12+ piece Mariachi band for entertainment!

In 2021 when we went, the brunch included a day pass to use the pool area, which made for a very fun day after all those mimosas. However, I’ve been told the pools are no longer included in 2022.

That about does it for our rundown of the best spots to grab breakfast in Puerto Vallarta. We’d love to hear about your favorites if we missed any, so drop us a comment below and let us know!

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